Chapter Mentoring Program

As an Alumni mentor to the Lambda Sigma Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon I agree to the following.

  • Hazing is illegal in the State of New Hampshire, Keene State College, and Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Under no circumstances will I participate in hazing in any form and agree to report immediately, incidences of hazing to the Board of Advisors. I have read and understand the anti hazing policies of KSC, TKE and the State of NH.
  • I commit to mentoring 1 Chapter member for the duration of his college career at KSC.
  • I agree to work within the parameters of the mentoring guidelines provided me.
  • I agree to file the annual report provided me with the Board of Advisors.
  • I agree to meet with the Chapter member once per academic year and to attend the annual Alumni Brother/little brother outing.
  • I am an active donor to the Alumni Association.


Arete Alumni Mentorship Program