White/Lessard Presidential Leadership Award Application

Applications are due by March 1st and applicants must meet all requirements below:


1. The Applicant must have been initiated into Lambda Sigma chapter of The Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at least 6 months prior to applying for the award and be in current good standing with the Fraternity.


2. The Applicant must be a leader within the chapter or college; holding at least one office at the chapter level or a position in student government during the school year of consideration.


3. The Applicant must excel in their academic pursuits, achieving a minimum 3.0 GPA during the year in consideration.


4. The Applicant must complete and scan the following document to be considered for this award: Download File


5. The Applicant must be able to demonstrate through a written essay the importance of the lifelong relationships formed while a member of Lambda Sigma.



White/Lessard Presidential Leadership Award Application