Chapter Wins Violence Prevention Award

The chapter was recently honored with an award from MCVP (formerly The Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention) for their work fighting Domestic Violence.

Lambda-Sigma has forged a strong relationship with MCVP over recent years through the


chapter’s work in Violence Prevention. Among other activities, the chapter has been instrumental in the planning and execution of  MCVP’s  annual Walk-A-Mile campaigna male-targeted Domestic Violence walk. Additionally, the chapter provides support to events such as the KSC Slut Walk,  which aims to end the notion that a woman is “asking” to


be raped by wearing provocative clothing. The Chapter has been very proactive in seeking out opportunities to support the KSC and Keene communities and plans to continue this hard work. You can find out more about the chapter by visiting their website by clicking the “Chapter” Tab or going to

Chapter Epiprytanis Derek Blunt, 666, and Grammateus Nick Swain, 683, accepted the award Monday, February 27, 2014.

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