Board of Directors Vice President Opportunity

General Description:

The Epi-Prytanis supports the Prytanis in all activities. Also, is responsible for the updates of all By-laws, Policies, procedures, and record keeping activities as they relate to any and all initiatives undertaken by the Association. Perform all duties of the Prytanis in his absence. 


Specific Duties:

  • Review and update the Associations’ By-Laws annually including any relevant policies, procedures, stated initiatives and programs. Update the Association Cloud Account with relevant documents in a timely fashion. 
  • Coordinate the activities of any and all committees established by the Association.
  • Perform the duties of Prytanis when required. 
  • Provide assistance in planning and executing Alumni Association events. 
  • Perform oversight on all website related concerns and social media activity. 
  • Attend monthly Association Board of Directors Meetings.
  • Communicate in an effective and timely manner with all BOD Members and the General Alumni membership.


Please contact Sean Crater at if you’re interested in this role.

Sean Crater

President of the TKE Lambda Sigma Alumni Association

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