Chris Pedersen #302 – TKE Lambda Sigma Super Volunteer

When Chris Pedersen joined the Lambda Sigma Chapter in 1984 he had no idea where the fraternity might take him and as it’s turned out he was right. We think a better question is where will he take the Fraternity? For the past 5 years Chris has dedicated time and energy to Lambda Sigma Chapter and Alumni Association first serving as the Board of Advisors Chairman and currently as the Coordinator of Chapter Education and Leadership. This position was designed by Chris himself as he felt it would give him the best opportunity to make the biggest impact with the men in Keene. His responsibilities include coordinating the attendance of our chapter members at various Leadership trainings offered by TKE, Executing our Scholarship awards program, and performing ongoing risk management training at the chapter level. One of the events that Chris likes the best is the Regional Leadership Conference held every year in early February. It’s a chance for Chris to work with a number of our Chapter members to learn more about TKE Ritual, recruitment, and membership development programs, education on personal finance, selling yourself or your ideas, and unlocking your potential through setting goals. The Regional Leadership Conference also focuses on managing risk and promoting healthy habits within the chapter. Chris has attended the RLC with undergraduates from Lambda Sigma Chapter 3 times  and encourages other Alumni to attend as well. This year new Alumni Dan Keady took the plunge and joined Chris with 4 chapter members. By all accounts it was a weekend worthy of their time and worthy of the investment made in the program by our generous Alumni. The Special Projects Fund, which is funded through donations to the TKE Lambda Sigma Alumni Association, covered the registration costs of all 4 undergraduates! As an added bonus, Chris received the Grand Prytanis Key Leader Award in recognition of his exceptional service to the Fraternity – an award rarely given to a volunteer. The Alumni Association is proud of Chris and the other attendees for making such a strong commitment to Lambda Sigma. If you are an alumni of Lambda Sigma and would like to volunteer your time and energy to our association or chapter please email us at


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