Frater Mike Flynn #654 is on a Mission and Would Like Your Help

Alumni Frater Mike Flynn stepped on the scale in May of 2012 and watched it register over 400 pounds!…..Since then he has been on a mission to lose the weight, get healthy, and do a few good deeds along the way. His method has been to establish small achievable goals and then set out to exceed them…repeat. This process netted him a weight loss of 145 lbs as of January 2014, Currently Mike is down to 235 pounds for a total weight loss of 165 pounds to date. His goals for this year are to lose 10 more pounds, qualify for the Warrior Dash World Championship, and Raise $2500 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Mike will compete in the Madison CT Warrior Dash on September 20th and is still about $1400 short of his goal. Please consider helping Mike reach his goal ….He has worked hard to better himself and is seeking to help others by supporting St Jude Children’s Hospital.  Any support for Mike is much appreciated.



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